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Industrial Control Systems

Industrial control systems
Industrial control systems
Industrial control systems
Industrial control systems

Industrial control systems are an integral part of any modern and efficient plant. Vortex can supply the right type of Industrial Control System for any application.

On a typical system a PLC will control and coordinate the flow of fuel from a Fuel Storage Silo or Bin through a Rotary Valve, into a Pneumatic Convey System (or a Mechanical Convey System) with the fuel finishing up by passing through a High Efficiency Cyclone ready to be utilised by the onsite boiler or Heatpak Hot Water Boiler.

The PLC’s job doesn’t end there. For example, the PLC can also monitor and control the combustion temperatures inside the boiler by adjusting the under and over fire air centrifugal fans.

As another example the PLC can also play a part in the emissions control of the system by monitoring the airstream opacity in the stack. This ensures that the Grit Arrestor/Multiclone, another High Efficiency Cyclone and Vortex Pulse Jet Baghouse Filter are all operating properly.

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Hammer Mills

Hammer milling machines
Hammer milling machines
Hammer milling machines
Hammer milling machines

Vortex Hammer Mills are specifically designed for size reduction.

These can be used for size reduction of wood waste, bark, grain, and various other products.

In practice a Vortex Hammer Mill has achieved a 3-fold increase in bulk density (35 kg/m3 to 105 kg/m3) on dried Pinus Radiata shavings; however this is dependent on the application and will vary.

The Vortex Hammermill consists of hammers positioned about a rotor, spinning at high speed, breaking the shavings up as they pass through the mill.

Due to the regenerative turbulence, the larger particles generally do not pass through the mill until they have been shattered into smaller particles. Different size reduction screens on the outlet can also improve the reduction as required.


Normally the hammermill is fed via a conveying duct, hopper, screw or belt conveyor with a centrifugal fan extracting the milled shavings away, minimising any possible blockages. In certain circumstances, the hammermill can be directly installed under a suitable cyclone.

Vortex Engineering is happy to assist with a system design suitable to your requirements.


  • Saves on storage requirements (because of increased density).
  • Reduced handling equipment and costs (smaller feed screws required).
  • Improved consistency for boiler fuel (gives more controlled combustion).
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Grit Arrestors / Multiclones

Grit Arrestors machines and Multiclones

Grit Arrestors/Multiclones are capable of achieving high efficiencies at a lower cost.

Grit Arrestors/Multiclones are sometimes used as pre-cleaners to higher efficiency final stage cleaners such as the Vortex Pulse Jet Baghouse, Electrostatic Precipitator or Wet Scrubber.

However in some applications a Grit Arrestor/Multiclone is the only pollution control device that may be required for a system. Many boilers have the Grit Arrestor/Multiclone attached directly to the back end. Grit Arrestors/Multiclones assist to protect the induced draft fan from excessive wearing.

Some of the factors influencing the choice of Grit Arrestor/Multiclone are:

  • Particle size
  • Concentration and density
  • Gas flow volume and temperature
  • Allowable pressure drop
  • Required efficiency and space constraints
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